DC Newman

Professional Voice Over Actor

More than a catchy tagline.

Commercial Demo
Audiobook Demo

Studio Gear

Sennheiser MKH-416
Apollo Solo Interface
Directed sessions via:
-Phone Patch
-Source Connect

Available for

Explainer videos
IVR/Phone systems

Tech Support

Windows VO support
Custom PC builds
Booth builds
Data security
Personal coaching
and more…

Hear something you like?

I know it can seem a little overwhelming finding the right professional voice over actor for your projects. I mean, a Google search for “voice over” gets you about a zillion results. But, You really need a trustworthy voice actor for your project. So where do you even start?

Right here!

You are clearly looking for a pro voice talent. Someone that is easy to work with.  A voice actor with their own studio space.  A pro like me.  So let’s talk.

Maybe it’s one of those career making, super awesome, get the CEO to personally hand you a big end of the year bonus check sort of project. Or it’s something a little more mundane like creating a new HR training video that is interesting and engaging enough that your staff won’t sleep through. Perhaps you need a trustworthy and reassuring voice for your new commercial spots. Even your phone IVR system updates are too important to just corner Milton from accounting in the break room and make him read the scripts into your phone.   Working with me as a voice talent is smooth and easy.  So give me a jingle and let’s discuss your project.


I am a pro gamer. In the Esports world, a tenth of a millisecond makes a difference between winning and losing millions.

DC is extremely knowledgeable and has a passion for PC parts. He made the process for building my rig seamless. If you want it done right the first time, DC is your guy.


Professional Gamer

I love the way DC Newman narrates my Titus Ray Thrillers! His ability to nuance a character’s personality by the inflection in his voice, along with the subtle way he manages female voices, provides the listener with an enjoyable, seamless narration.

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