Voice over tech support and coaching

Let’s tame your technology, together

Do you need technical support for your voice over gear? Are you a voice over talent, or a professional game streamer that just needs your computer to work smoothly? Do you need help getting everything in your recording space set up exactly right so YOU can sound awesome? Do you need a little help tracking down and eradicating the last few little gremlins in your workflow? Are you in the market for a new low-noise recording/streaming workstation computer, but aren’t sure what’s right for you and your business?

You are in luck!

With 25+ years of Windows-based technical support and training experience under my belt, I can help you get your Windows-based voice over or streaming setup dialed in and ready to go. I understand both the computer technology and the unique needs of the voice over world. I can translate all the technological gobbledygook into plain English, so we can get things solved quickly and get you back to work.

You do not have to be a tech genius to succeed in voice over, you just need some training and translation to get you comfortable with the gear you already have.  Lucky for you, I’m fluent in geek, nerd, tech-dude, and IT.

Some of the support services I offer

  • Windows configuration and troubleshooting for voice over/streaming
  • Custom streaming/recording PC build consultations. (low-noise optimized builds)
  • Mic adjustment and noise floor adjustments
  • Basic evaluation and assessment of your recording space
  • DIY solutions for common voice over and recording space issues
  • Consultations for building a new space or converting existing space for voice over/streaming
  • Basic WordPress training and personalized instruction
  • Custom designed low-noise ventilation recommendations for your individual recording space
  • Custom data backup and retention recommendations for your specific needs and budget
  • Data security training and security auditing to safeguard your business files and your valuable client files
  • Personalized technical training conducted via video conference
  • Hints and tips to speed up your recording and editing workflow
  • General technology training
  • And just about any other technical stuff you may have questions about

Your personal on-call consultant

Our voice over businesses depend on having technology that is working properly every time we step into the booth. A small glitch can have a major impact on your day and your business, so it’s important to get your issues resolved quickly.

15 minute consultation: FREE
This is a “get to know each other” chat, so I can assess if I’ll be able to properly address your needs.

30 minute consultation: $95
30 minutes to have me work with you on whatever voice over technical support you need.

60 minute consultation: $180
60 minutes to deep dive into your technical issues to get them solved.

All technical consulting and technology instruction will take place over Zoom, and I work very hard to accommodate your schedule whenever possible. Please keep in mind I’m also a working voice over talent, so I may be in the booth taking care of a client. I will get back to you as soon as I can.